"This is a superb resource that demystifies a lot of the ignored or misinterpreted intricacies of modern metal guitar. There is a lot of excellent advice for developing a systematic approach to practice, and for feeling the intricate syncopations and displaced rhythms that characterise much modern metal and progressive music. It deserves a place in any guitarist's library of instructional material"

 "I stumbled across Jonathan Strange's www.shredtraining.com website and initially was very interested in the example licks and practice pieces he had up for free as guitar pro files. These were from his book, Riff Training Level 2. I was playing guitar a lot and really trying hard to get better at the technical aspects of guitar. I had had a lot of good success on my own, and had come pretty far with my playing, but was in need of something structured. I often felt as though I wasn't really practicing; I was playing instead. I decided to buy both Riff Training Level 1 and 2, and it is hands down the best guitar instructional material I have ever come across. Level 1 was a bit too basic for me, so I got more into Level 2 and instantly developed a practice routine from the material. In fact, I didn't have to develop it. Jonathan had already laid it out, complete with exercises and methods, in the book. There is a chapter dedicated to most of the major techniques used in technical guitar playing, and each one is extremely thorough. Each chapter has its own practice routine, which you can combine with others and map out a weekly practice schedule. The book says it is for the Metal guitarist, but the exercises and practice routines would apply to any genre.
In addition, the new "play along" series available on the site is great for practicing techniques as well. They are very thorough as well, and are available in many formats. I really enjoy playing along with the Guitar Pro files. Also, they come at a great price.
In summary, you can't go wrong with Jonathan's products if you are serious about improving your skills on the guitar. His methods work and have improved my playing tremendously. His products are high quality and very well done. You've made a great choice if you decided to purchase one of his products!


"I am what I would consider an intermediate-advanced player when it comes to technique.  Years of smart practice regimens have helped me immensely.  However, despite my best efforts, my technique workouts have gotten stale and less effective.  Shred Training's play along lessons have changed all of that.  The beginner exercises are ideal warmups for me, and really forced me to touch up on things I have long since neglected.  The advanced workouts have really challenged and pushed me in ways I have not yet been challenged.  The guitar nerd workouts are ridiculous, and offer a year or more of workouts that will dramatically increase technique.  If you consider yourself a serious student of the instrument, these play along lessons are a must in the quest to command the instrument.  I am very grateful to have found them."
Sean Babiniec

"Jonathan teaches you to play the guitar and not just learn songs. He lets me do my favorite rock songs as well as learning for my grades. I passed my grade 1 with distinction first time and I'm now working on grade 3. I'm staying with him until grade 8!" Nathan

 "As an adult learner and an absolute beginner to guitar and was not sure where to start, but Jons kindness, patience and enthusiasm for me to progress has been evident since day one. I would certainly recommend  Jon to others wanting to learn guitar regardless of age group!" Michelle

"I've downloaded everything.. Good to see you back.. Your instructional programs have been my practice companion for about five years now.. My playing has benefited from them, and I've managed to expand on some of the material and do my own version of it.. Glad I found ShredTraining..."


"Really, I can't thank you enough for your instructional material. It's just unbelievable how much I have improved since last time we talked. It's really hard work and at times frustrating as hell, but very rewarding. I'm looking forward to buying the Advanced Workouts and any other material you release, like Riff Training 3 and the Downpicking workouts. When I graduate from all this I would also like getting Skype lessons if you are still available."

Jose C