About ShredTraining

Jonathan Strange is the man behind the brand, Shredtraining. Shredtraining was born from a love of shredding and working out. Having learnt through his own personal experience and working with students for nearly two decades he has crafted quality material that will accelerate your playing ability and potential.

Jonathan has proven time and again that structure and discipline will lead to outstanding results. There are numerous products you can use to improve your technical ability on guitar, if you are ready to take your playing to the next level, choose your weapon!

The Jonathan Stranges Riff Training book series gives you years of top quality practice material and routines designed to push your playing to new levels! Your alternate picking will reach new levels of speed and control! You can order a hardcopy of the book or download the PDF. The guitar workouts are ready for you to download, including Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced levels, so whatever your level or ability you will find workouts that will help you finetune and hone your practice.

If you feel you need some accountability and personalised routines to keep you on track, Skype lessons are available. Lessons allow you to have your technique assessed and plans put into place to address any areas that need special attention. This is a rare skill that allows you to pinpoint issues and focus on necessary areas without further drilling in bad habits that you may have, or habits that may be hindering you achieving your specific goals. Regular lessons provide accountability, focus, structure and dramatically speeds up progress when the set practice is followed.

Book your Skype lesson today! If you find yourself in a plateau unable to make progress, applying a new practice method may be all you need to take the next leap forward in your guitar playing enjoyment it’s time to start Shredtraining…